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Since 2010, the Emergency Medicine Review course guides physicians from across Canada in preparation for the CCFP(EM) certification exam.


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We will guide you through the studying process to success.


Regardless of which delivery format you choose, our course is completely online, enabling you to join from wherever you learn best.


Over 21 weekly sessions a CCFP(EM) lecturer will review the core material covered in the exam: The Priority Topics in Emergency Medicine.

Practice SAMP Exams

Over 700 Short Answer Management Problem (SAMP) questions have been curated for your practice with weekly and full-length exams.

Practice Oral Exams

During each online session two participants complete a practice oral exam. All participants receive a one-on-one mock oral exam. Answer keys are provided for review.

Doctor preparing for CCFP(EM) exam.


✔ Live, interactive Zoom Sessions
Recorded and available online for later review on any device
Easy-to-use website with weekly summaries to keep you on track

Studying for CCFP(EM) certification exam.


✔ Live sessions every Tuesday 7-10PM AST (Atlantic)
Late February to early July (21 weeks)
Final mock exams in July and August


  • Can Residents take this course?
  • What if I register for the course but then choose not to write or am unsuccessful with the exam?
  • Can I claim this course for Mainpro+® Credits?
Can Residents take this course?

Yes, we welcome all residents and practice-eligible candidates to take the EM Review course.

What if I register for the course but then choose not to write or am unsuccessful with the exam?

We currently guarantee access to the Self-Directed stream to past participants at a significantly reduced rate.

Can I claim this course for Mainpro+® Credits?

Practice-eligible participants who write and pass the EM Exam are eligible for 50 Mainpro+® Certified credits. Also, all course participants can claim up to 63 uncertified Mainpro+® credits.

Practice SAMPS


Over 100 graduates across Canada.

Practice Oral Exam


Over 400 sessions facilitated.



Mainpro+ Credits Claimed

Ready to begin? Choose your learning stream.

Interactive CCFP(EM) Certification Exam Prep

Live sessions presented in a small group learning environment.


Looking for a personalized experience? Our interactive stream is a small group learning environment with built in motivation. Our live three hour sessions feature fast paced questions and live oral practice.


✔ Access to live weekly Zoom sessions
✔ Weekly practice SAMPs
✔ Access to library of full-length practice SAMPs
✔ Live one-on-one mock oral exam session

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Self-Directed CCFP(EM) Certification Exam Prep

Learn at your own pace.


Looking for exam preparation that fits your schedule? Our self-directed stream allows you to access all materials at your own pace. Study, review, and practice on your schedule.


✔ Access to recordings of weekly Zoom sessions
✔ Weekly practice SAMPs
✔ Access to library of full-length practice SAMPs
✔ Live one-on-one practice oral exam session

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Excellent course, very useful to target key features and set up a study schedule. Helpful examples of oral exams are provided, with strategies to tackle them. Highly recommend!

– Dr. Emma Brown

This course provides an excellent structured study program. It provided insight into what to expect, how to prepare, and how to structure my answers and oral cases. As a result of this course, I significantly improved my knowledge and skills as an EM physician.

– Dr. Anthony Caragianis

100% recommend. This course provides helpful tips and strategies to be successful in writing the exam. My only regret was not starting the course material sooner!

– Dr. Christina Walker

About Us

EM Review is based out of the Saint John Regional Hospital Emergency Department. The course began in 2010 as a local educational program with the goal to help local physicians prepare for and pass the CCFP (EM) certification exam.  As our colleagues successfully completed their exams, we expanded this project across Canada. Now, we are proud to help over 180 physicians each year to prepare for this exam!



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